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Spring Maintenance

It may not feel like it at the moment, but warmer weather is right around the corner, and hopefully we have seen the last of the salt trucks for a while! What does this mean for your vehicle? It means it’s time for spring maintenance.

The best place to start is to give your vehicle a good cleaning and get rid of that grime that piled up over the winter. Road salt can cause corrosion which causes all sorts of problems under your car that you might not even be aware of. Lots of components from the sub-frame to the brake lines can be affected. Make sure when you are washing it to really get in there and clean everywhere, the bumper, under the hood, in the wheel wells and inside the wheels. This might be a good time to consider having your car professionally detailed. It’s also a good time to put away those snow brushes and ice scrapers, good riddance!

Spring is also a really great time to have the alignment checked on your vehicle. One good pothole can throw the alignment off and lead to premature tire wear. Tires are expensive, but alignments are not, with tax they run around $70 and are a worthwhile investment. In addition to heading off tire wear, an alignment can turn up suspension problems that are pending, allowing you to fix them before there is further damage, or worse, an accident.

Air condition checks depend on the individual. Some people like to have their system checked in the spring, some like to wait for summer. I suggest doing it now or early summer, waiting until later can lead to longer wait times to get an appointment and harder to get parts. This means aggravation for you when you are trying to get ready to go away on vacation.

Finally, this is a good time to just have the basics checked over. Harsher winter temperatures can be hard on things like wiper blades, belts and hoses. It’s a good time to get your brakes checked and tires checked.

We offer a spring checkup that will include checking all your fluids, testing the pH of your coolant, checking all your belts and hoses, checking your brakes and suspension and rotating your tires for just $30, throw an alignment in and I can take $5 off the total price and $10 if you add an alignment and oil change. This price includes a copy of the Digital Visual Inspection that a technician will do on your car.


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