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Five Things You Can Do Yourself to Make Your Vehicle Last

1. Don’t Ignore the Low Fuel Light
We have all done it, that light comes on reminding you that you are low on gas and we just don’t have time to stop right then, plus we know we have 50 miles still once that light comes on, right? True, but running low on gas puts stress on the fuel pump, which is cooled and lubricated by gasoline. Frequently running low on gas can put undo stress on the pump and lead to premature failure.

2. Stop Overfilling the Gas Tank
While it is bad to run low on gas, it’s also bad to overfill the gas tank. Topping off the gas tank to an even dollar amount or to get a little more free gas when you are using fuel perks can cost you a lot of money. Overfilling can lead to gas getting into the charcoal canister, which is only designed for vapor. This can cause the car to run badly and will turn the check engine light on. The only way to fix the car at that point is to replace the part which will cost at least several hundred dollars.

3. Show Your Tires Some Love
I know, you probably just get in your car and go, we are all busy. It’s a mistake, though, not to take a look at your tires once a week. Improperly inflated tires can decrease gas mileage and lead to premature tire wear. A tire that has a broken ply or that is wearing funny can cause the car to handle improperly and lead to an accident. If you have a tire pressure light that is “always on” get it fixed. They are expensive, but they could save you hundreds of dollars if you need to get your tires replaced prematurely.

4. Keep it Clean
When the weather is bad no one wants to wash their car, but it’s important to the longevity of your car. The chemicals and salt that are used on the roads in the winter months are extremely corrosive and can cause suspension and steering part failure, the brakes to freeze up and the vehicle frame to rust out. So not just for looks, but to save yourself money, get that car washed off regularly during the winter and summer months.

5. Keep an Eye On Your Inspection Sticker
Because the State of Pennsylvania allows you to get your inspection done two months early, there is no grace period for inspection sticker replacement. That means if you have a sticker that is due 2/18, on March 1st you can get a very expensive ticket if you get pulled over. Many people hold off on having their vehicle checked because they are worried something is wrong and it will be expensive. I always recommend getting it checked right away anyway. If something is wrong, we won’t force you to do it, we won’t even force you to have us do it. It is your choice who you have do the repairs of when you have them done, we just give you a list of what it needs and what it might cost. We have a lot of customers who think we will fine them for a late inspection sticker or that they will get in trouble for not having repairs done. The only power we have been entrusted with by the state is issuing the sticker, you won’t get in trouble with us. Worried that your brakes are starting to sound a little loud and that they might need replaced for inspection? If you let it go you can end up with an even bigger bill. If it started out just needing brake pads, it can end up needing rotors, calipers, the brake fluid changed and more.


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